A Fragment of the Life of three Friends

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Peder K Bugge & Dania Burger

Opening: December 12 th. 2014, 7 – 9 PM
Loveburgers play lovesongs. Glühwein included.

A Fragment from the Life of Three Friends is the couple Bugge and Burgers first joint exhibition. The title of the exhibition was adapted from  the short story by E.T.A Hoffmann published in 1818. The story debates the difference between enthusiastic love and conventional marriage. After intense and important years of living on the island of Tjøme in Norway the artists are going to move back to Berlin, back to the city. This decision is based on the desire to create the best production and reception conditions for their work and to introduce themselves as artists to new contexts. Their future studio apartment, which is located on the E.T.A.-Hoffmann-Promenade, is the starting point for the project. A Fragment from the Life of Three Friends is an installation consisting of own drawings and paintings, artwork made by friends and the artists first joint artwork - a sculpture. Others, before Bugge and Burger, have also figured out th at the journey is the destination and therefore they do not only consider their lives, but also their work as an ongoing experiment.

Exhibition period: Dec. 12 - 19. 2014

Opening hours (by appointment): Tuesday to Friday 2 - 6 PM, Saturday 1 - 5 PM

The exhibition is supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Berlin.

bodendertatsacheAuf dem Boden der Tatsachen. Peder K. Bugge

Peder K. Bugge is particularly occupied with exploring formal and colouristic elements. He plays on tensions between space and surface, figure and depth of field. This ambiguous approach connects his work to the nonfigurative tradition that flowered during the concretism of the 1950s. Bugge received his art education at Bergen Academy of Art and Design and in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He also lives primarily in Norway, interrupted by long stays in Berlin. His works can be found in various private and public collections.

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 Dania Burger

Dania Burger often utilizes her own identity as a starting point when she scrutinizes the relationship between the intimate and the public, the close and the distant, the powerful and powerless. Personal relationships may be brought into play. Her projects examine the existential processes of life and deal with the permanent trial to acknowledge the immanent disenchantment. She  studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg and at Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Norway, and lives since 1998 mostly in Norway. Her work is represented in several public collections, including The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo, Norway

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