Everlasting Material Pain

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Per Christian Brown
Photography and Film
Opening: 14. June 2013, 19 - 21 PM
Exhibitionperiod: 15.06 - 21.06. 2013
Openinghours: 15.06: 13-17 PM. 18.-21.06: 14-18 PM

Aage Langhelle has put the exhibition together.
Per Christian Browns Works are also in MOMENTUM, Nordic Biennial for Contemporary Art
2013 to see.

The exhibition is supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy.

The exhibition can be viewed as a poetic reflection on nature and its different elements, an exploration of underlying symbolic and existential aspects of trees and forests. Nature reflects the human being as a complex figure in a mortal world. Always striving upwards, the tree symbolizes mental transformation and childhood dreams, and, gripped by the storm, it presents a shivering image of human pain.

The tree as a natural phenomenon and the forest as a scene are recurrent themes in Per Christian Brown’s artistic career. The project ”Everlasting Material Pain” represents a study of nature encompassing analytical and emotional aspects alike.

The project revolves around the essay “L´Air et les Songes” (Air and Dreams) by French philosopher and epistemologist Gaston Bachelard (1884–1962), an essay focusing on an analysis of the relationship between the element of air and dreams and daydreams. Poems written by, among others, Rainer Maria Rilke, D. H. Lawrence and August Strindberg, deliver the material in Bachelard’s analysis of the tree as a vertical, symbolic and psychoanalytical concept. To Bachelard, the tree represented a connection between the sky (or heaven) and the earth and thus a source of multifaceted ideas.

The 16mm film ”Der Luftbaum” (The Aerial Tree) dramatizes the material in shots of trees, foliage and the birds living there. Poetic descriptions of nature written by various European poets form the film’s structure. All photo and film shoots were done in various nature reserves in Brandenburg, Germany, including Schorfheide-Chorin and Grumsiner Forst. The texts are read by the German actor Immo Kroneberg (with English subtitles).

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Per Chr. Brown Everlasting Material Pain 1 2012 60x75cm C-print

Per Chr. Brown Scattered Limbs 3 2012 40x50cm C-print