Three Dark Sides of the Moon

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Rescue Reinhardt

Rescue Ölmalerei. Claudia Reinhardt 2016.

Three Exhibitions: RESCUE Claudia Reinhardt. CRAWLSPACE Per Teljer. SAVE OUR SOULS Jorun Viken

Opening: December 16 th. 2016, 8 - 10 PM. Glühwein included. 

Address: prinz-georg // raum für kunst. Prinz-Georg-Straße 9. 10827 Berlin

Exhibition period: December 17. - 23. 2016

Opening hours (by appointment): Tuesday to Friday 2 - 6 PM, Saturday 1 - 5 PM. 

For appointments and questions please contact Aage Langhelle’s cell phone 0049-173-6035317

or send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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About the Exhibition:

Claudia Reinhardt is known for her staged photographs, often produced as extended series over a period of many years. Her most recent series,  TOMB OF LOVE – GRABKAMMER DER LIEBE was published in March by Berlin’s Verbrecher Verlag.
At prinz-geeorg // raum für kunst Reinhardt will exhibit drawings and oil paintings for the first time. Her large scale water colors are made from a collection of small drawings, which she has assembled into collages entitled THE WORLD PART I and PART II.  Countless events that occurred between May and July 2016, which were circulated by the media, appear here in a format that scrambles them while literally drawing them together. Reinhardt’s paintings also refer to current world events. They deploy imagery that acts as a visual metaphor for our current social condition. The artist’s painstaking, time-intensive process helps to sort through and make sense of today’s flood of images, acting as a counterweight to the sheer mass of media commentaries and critiques that Reinhardt appropriates and interrogates.

 Bunny Teljer

















32x30 cm. Öl auf Leinwand. Per Teljer 2016.

Per Teljer is since the mid nineties foremost known as film/video artist. In the beginning in the video art group Sunny Heart Videos (1994-1997) and after that with own productions. In 2014 however, he put the camera aside and returned back to drawing and painting. At Prinz Georg he will present works produced in the fall of 2016.  Low-voiced and fatal works in charcoal and oil on canvas.



Save Our Souls Tusche auf Papier. 200x135 cm. Jorun Viken 2015.

The exhibition presents differently scaled ink drawings of animals. Anatomical drawings of animals are Jorun Viken‘s point of origin. However, the progressive assembling of the animal‘s anatomy is followed by desintegration. The factual drawing study goes unchecked, and the drawings gradually change their character. A drawn organic construction is partly deconstructed. Viken‘s streak is expressive and powerful. Spreading over the arc, the ink is washing out the constructive figures and contributing to an atmosphere of doom.

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